ROCH develops its activities in accordance with the care of the Environment, Health and Safety of its employees.

The main tool to maintain this commitment is its MASyST Management System, whose fundamental pillars are:

for Management
Planning and Application
of work procedures
of results and proposals for Improvement
to supervision

The work procedures comply with the guidelines of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Guidelines for hydrocarbon exploration and production operations, in terms of effluent and waste management, inventory and reporting of greenhouse gases, handling and storage of substances dangerous and preservation of biodiversity.

In relation to the effects on the environment generated by the activity, ROCH has implemented different remediation projects over the years, ranging from well-known methodologies studied in the market, such as bioremediation or stabilization, to new technologies for the sanitation of floors affected by metals.

Both ROCH personnel and their contractors receive constant training in work procedures designed to minimize environmental impacts and occupational hazards.